If It Means a Lot To You.
The names Dylan,

Drunken thoughts

I’m on the pursuit of happiness. I don’t care who you are; if you aren’t along for the ride, you can go fuck yourself. I have no time for anyone who isn’t positive in my life.


Let the rain come down.


It’s nights like these I really miss my father. Growing up all I aspired in life was to make my father proud of me. Everything I did was to try and get closer to him. The weekends when I was older I spent with him i consider to be some of the happiest times of my life. Every other weekend was an adventure and who better to spend it with than my dad. A lot has changed since then. The stick that wedged between us has long punctured that admiration. I find myself laying there asking myself “why me” The man I looked up to isnt the same as I used to see. I miss it so much my head does 360s and tortures me to my very being. I miss my dad. I miss the days in the townhouse where I spent every waking moment with him. I miss living on the lake with him and his friends and the parties where even though he had a few beers he still made sure everyone knew I was his son and how much he loved me. I miss just the car rides to our house in Kilgore just to see how his week went and if things were looking up. I miss him more than anything on this entire planet. I never cry, and I’m to the point of being pathetic over this matter. I just want my dad