If It Means a Lot To You.
The names Dylan,

I don’t think I could hate anything in the world more than I hate myself


As nice as a person I am, deep down I am one of the most torn and sadistic bastards you will ever meet. I don’t know how much longer I can keep doing this.

Fed up

Worst fucking mood ever. Fuck you, and fuck you to anyone that has ever fucked with my feelings. Eat shit and die.

My thoughts absolutely eat me alive at night

Drunken thoughts

I’m on the pursuit of happiness. I don’t care who you are; if you aren’t along for the ride, you can go fuck yourself. I have no time for anyone who isn’t positive in my life.


For once in a good while, I’m pretty happy.
And anyone or anything tries to get in my path.
You can kindly go fuck yourself


Breaking point

I’ve reached my breaking point. I am SO tired of my feelings being fucked with. I’m tired of giving everything I have just to be spat on and be told YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Fuck everyone and everything in this god damn world that has anything demeaning to say about me. Why did I get chosen to be the nice guy who is “there when you need him” oh sweet you’re good now? Oh wait where are you going? “I’m okay I don’t need you anymore” oh.. Have a good life. No FUCK. It doesn’t fucking work that way. I’m tired of my opinion not meaning a damn thing. What’s the point of having a voice if no one cares to listen? I would rather be fucking mute. Take away my ability to speak, my life would be so much simpler. No one could realize how they can take advantage of me and the take the normal route of fucking me over. It’s so ironic all of this is hitting me 2 days before my graduation. Just a little reminder how fucking awful this world actually is. JUST as i start to see life from a broader perspective, it’s shot to fuck in ONE FUCKING WEEK. Fuck everything